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Food: Race against hunger 

“Hunger can eat our dust!”

Our nation has experienced widespread hunger for many years. Even now, 14% of the world’s population remains undernourished. According to estimates, it will take between 23 and 50 years to totally remove hunger from our nation. The only way to mitigate the impacts of this immense crisis is to protect and promote access to healthy, safe, and cheap diet meals for our country’s most vulnerable populations. Samvedna, one of the most well-known NGOs in India, is committed to helping poor communities by supplying them with wholesome meals.

Food Donation Program

Our NGO, Samvedna, has long been committed to improving children’s health by breaking the cycle of illiteracy and malnutrition by providing nutritious and clean mid-day meals made in a high-tech kitchen that nourishes the body and improves the nutritional status of young children. Its midday excess food donation Program is being implemented for the benefit of impoverished students in municipal, government-aided, and non-aided schools. The activity is carried out without any personal profit in mind, and all needy students can take use of the benefits without being subjected to caste, gender, or religious prejudice.

Feeding the poor is a compassionate gesture that is supported by many religions. The act of food donation near me in Lucknow has been supreme and priceless to any other form of charity for centuries. Our NGO, samvedna food program, allows you to sponsor meals for impoverished children on important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, festivals, promotions, and so on. By working with Samvedna on such occasions, you not only support the continuation of this tradition but also provide meals and happiness to millions of less privileged children attending tribal schools and slums. We’ve made it simple for you to donate to our NGO by offering payment methods including online, net banking, or cash. We will be happy to help you with the process and give you a tax-deductible receipt if you would rather make a monthly commitment. Alternatively, you can mail a donation to the administrative office or give your bank a standing instruction.

To Donate food in Lucknow please contact us at +91 79055 78326