“Your action can change someone’s life”

Samvedna has been fighting for health care Camp since 2017 and provides high-quality primary medical treatment to low-income and underprivileged populations. Our goal is to improve access to health care camp for the most underserved and underprivileged populations. Our NGO has organised 125 plus health camps in which more than 1150 people participated in remote rural areas. Our objective is to keep enhancing the lives and health of those who are underserved and suffer social and financial difficulties. Patients who attend our NGO medical camps receive free medical consultations as well as free medication for a week.

Since independence, India has made remarkable progress in the health sector. However, various eye-opening figures from the NFHS( National Family Health Survey) clearly show that access to health care camp remains a challenge.

While India’s rural areas continue to have poor health statistics, the situation for the poor in urban slum residents is extremely alarming and there are just 4% of government primary health care camp facilities in such areas.

Urban slum people suffer from poor health conditions for two main reasons: first, a lack of education, which leads to a lack of knowledge, and second, an unwillingness to sacrifice a day’s salary in order to reach the nearest medical facility. As a result, health care  for the poor, which is in critical need, goes untreated.

Therefore, a multiple strategy is required; first, it must provide high-quality health care services to the doorsteps of the poor; and second, it must encourage health care camp awareness and modern health care seeking behavior among the underprivileged.

In this case, the services of a health camp are the most practical mechanism. In response to this viewpoint, Samvedna launched the health care camps programme. This addresses issues with mobility, accessibility, and accessibility of primary health care with a special focus on children and women, in urban slums and isolated rural areas.

More than 1000 children and families have received free health care treatments from our NGO health camps. Samvedna seeks to improve access to quality health care services for the poor and marginalized groups. We work at the individual level, community, and systemic levels to provide creative treatment solutions and support to deliver high-quality health care services by determining the underlying factors behind health care difficulties. Our work also focuses on improving child nutrition and health, maternity and reproductive health, and the early detection and treatment of communicable diseases.