“Knowledge can give you respect but skill can give you food”, so let’s come together to make someone independent for life”

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India’s unemployment rate is 6.98%. Lack of access to high-quality university education and a widening skill acquisition gap are two factors cited as contributing to this. Since more than 60% of the population in India is young, skill training is considered as one of the most important factors in employment growth.

According to current data, just 10% of recent graduates are employable; the other 90% do not possess the necessary abilities to qualify for corporate employment. Only a few organizations in India are offering skill training sessions to meet the demand for skill development.

The path from a fresh to a prosperous society in India is a mystery to others. Many people are worried about complicated poverty problems impacting women, children, and other margins. More than 70 per cent of India stays in villages and faces deep poverty.

Women in urban slums are most impacted, especially predominantly migrant communities. Villages that suffer the worst types of oppression are because of their no power over land or other means of output and their intrinsic patriarchy.

The children, mostly from poor and impoverished groups, either live in the city’s outskirts in slums or small dwellings. Not having well-educated family members, combined with poverty, inadequacy, and a general lack of trust makes it difficult for them to move forward in education.

As soon as the organization invited people to sign up to engage children as facilitators and volunteers, many entrepreneurs, homemakers, and working professionals showed a willingness to contribute to the cause.

Our NGO, Samvedna, conducts skills development programs that provide specialized training programs for women’s, children’s and orphans to become self independent. Samvedna skill development programs are organized in the field of catering, food, clothing, self employment skills. In collaboration with industry experts, the training program has been designed to satisfy the demand in the sector. Some of the Samvedna skill development programs are mentioned below:


Training in Tailoring & Embroidery For Women’s Skill Development:

We aim at empowering underprivileged women’s by providing access to free dance education in order to instill life skills in them. We have been providing a training program on Tailoring & Embroidery to women every quarter.

Training in art & craft for children and orphans skill development:


Every child is unique in their skill set. children who are brilliant in other talents and skills. We aim to empower them by providing the right guidance and training to enhance their skills which can help them to earn their livelihood. Our NGO Samvedna, has come forward, and has been providing art and craft skills to the underprivileged children like making candles and dia for Diwali festival, making Rangolis and many decorative items for different festivals.