“Let’s change the world with our action”

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to lose yourself is to find yourself in the service of others.” We live in a fast-paced world where many of us are engaged in a blur of activity. We might end up restricting ourselves to our own good and fail in contributing something positive to the society. Well, getting involved in community activities is one way in which we could spend time in a productive way.

Samvedna is a certified non – government organization and it was founded in 2017, by 5 enthusiastic and ambitious persons, Indu Bhadoriya, Dr Annpurna singh, Padmja mishra, Sushila laal, and Dr Richa sharma. Our NGO, samvedna addresses the basic but neglected issues of the poor and values the traditional wisdom of the local people. Our NGO conducts many activities which provide some relief in their life, so that they can spend their life independently and pridly.

We conduct activities like, health camps, food distributions, women empowerment, skill developments, cloth distributions,book distribution, marriage arrangement for orphans and many more.

Our NGO, Samvedna, promotes quality health care camps in which we conduct free services like blood pressure checkups, diabetes checkup and many others. Our NGO aims to support the National Health Programmes in the prevention and control of diseases such as Leprosy, Lymphatic Filariasis and other neglected diseases. Our NGO, Samvedna, had a systematic approach to dealing with chronic disease. We also help the Indian government in the National Anti-Malaria Programme (NAMP) and have made extensive contributions to eye care and prevention of needless blindness. 

We also conduct many skill development programs like stitching skills for womens and art & craft like candle making in festivals, rangolis on different occasions for childrens and womens, which is also recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO), by the Government of India.