Give your old clothes a second life

donate old clothes in Lucknow:- Many of India’s underprivileged and poor people lack sufficient clothes. Donating old clothes near me helps the lives of the poor while also helping the environment as an environmentally friendly activity.

We have clothes that no longer fit us at our houses. As children grow up, they change their clothes every year. So, instead of storing or dumping away your wear, just donate old clothes to them because what is waste for you could be a resource for the poor.

donate old clothes in Lucknow collected through intermediary organizations are sorted and, if necessary, fixed with stitching. Used clothing that is tattered or damaged is processed to manufacture sanitary pads or socks.

Our NGO Samvedna packages and transports usable clothing for distribution to the needy living in urban slums and rural poverty as well as to organizations that operate residential schools for the disadvantaged, orphanages, elderly people’s homes, children’s homes, shelters, etc.

Donate Old Clothes In Lucknow

You’re probably aware that thousands of individuals lose their lives each year due to a lack of warm clothing. There are a lot of people who are less fortunate, particularly those who live on the streets, by the sides of the roads, on footpaths, within subways, and underneath bridges. There are orphan children living on the streets who are forced to beg. They don’t have enough clothing to keep themselves covered during bad weather. It is quite heartbreaking to see them surviving in such difficult living circumstances.  Many generous people come forward on a regular basis to donate old clothes, blankets, footwear, and food.

The more we reach out to these people, the more of the same types we get because there are so many of them who have been living in extreme poverty. Many elderly and sick people who used to work as ragpickers, manhole cleaners, laborers, and other types of people are now living in such miserable situations. We are continually on the lookout for volunteers and sponsors who can support us in making their lives easier in any way possible. We at Samvedna do our best to provide as many essentials as possible to those who are unlucky enough that this society cannot provide them with a pair of clothes.

In order to address this problem, our non-profit organization Samvedna gathers usable and clean old clothing, shoes, blankets, kitchenware, toys, etc. that are unused in urban families owing to a change in fashion, color fading, or size mismatch. We at  Samvedna, washes, presses, packs, and ships the clothes, along with other donated items, to remote areas where the poor face severe cold, cyclones, and floods year after year. The cloth that has been torn, ripped into bits, and cut-offs are recycled into sanitary napkins. In order to improve the health and hygiene of women in underdeveloped regions, packages of sanitary napkins are also sent with clothing and other items.

“Giving Is Not Just About Making A Donation, It Is About Making A Difference.”