Donation policy

  • The Samvedna donation policy guarantees that any donations designated for use in support of particular programs or emergency responses are used only for those purposes.
  • By specifying that samvedna may utilize your donation wherever it is most needed, you enable the organization to improve the long-term health systems that are essential for vulnerable people and respond to emergencies that do not receive national notice. Samvedna committed to use your funds as effectively and profitably as possible.
  • If you want to limit the use of your donation to a specific purpose or location, Samvedna will honor your request or notify you that it cannot and will offer to return your contribution.
  • Samvedna has never accepted donations with the goal to use it for other reasons, and it will never do so for what might appear to be a specific situation or purpose.
  • Samvedna doesn’t depend on funding from the government, in comparison to many other NGOs. Samvedna receives all of its funding from private individuals, groups, foundations, and companies who trust Samvedna with the means to carry out its humanitarian objective.
  • Samvedna thinks that this is important in order to respect the generous donors’ clear intentions for supporting these programs and to ensure that the most effective programs are managed for the underprivileged.
  • Samvedna principles have long recognized the importance of allowing donors to express their donation intentions, as well as explaining how the organization properly accounts for and uses specified contributions to honor the donors’ goals. Samvedna takes a number of measures to guarantee the transparency and clarity of both the intentions of contributors and the organization’s use of donations.